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The Metaverse promises to transform the way businesses engage their customers.  It will integrate AR, VR & XR technologies to create new ways for customers to interact with their favourite brands.  The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is transforming the perception of value and wealth for a new generation. BLUE SPHERICALcan help you develop a sucessful strategy to ready your business for these emerging technologies.

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The recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online team meetings.  Large industry players have indicated their commitment to emerging immersive and interactive technologies for their respective ecosystems which will lead the way to more immersive collaborative environments for teams to work in.

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Several retailers provide AR-driven mobile apps allowing shoppers to select items from their online store and superimpose the items onto their immediate surroundings empowering the customer to decide whether a product was suitable for them or not.  This improves overall customer satisfaction and perception of retailers while differentiating them from their competitors.

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Mobile technology has changed the way we access and share information.  Today's mobile processors are capable of competing with their desktop counterparts allowing for immersive and interactive experiences on the move.  This elevation of technology is an enabler in the education sector.  Whether academic or vocational learning, schools and universities can leverage this technology and develop and deliver world-class interactive learning for their students and businesses can deliver world-class interactive training for their staff.

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