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Turntable LONDON

Archive: A pop-up restaurant and bar in Chancery Lane serving spanish tapas and malaysian fusion dishes with special events including hosting the Reality TV awards and Laughing Boy Comedy Club. Unique to the venue was live turntable DJ sets Mon-Fri from 5pm onwards, playing 70's, 80's and 90's classics. (2015-2016)

Paper Abstract


Japan is home to over 200 varieties of cherry blossom.  Best witnessed during 'Hanami' (literal Japanese translation 'Watching blossoms') Sakura Zensen is a boutique shopping experience celebrating the purity, charm, serenity and colours of Sakura.

(Coming 2025)

Cherry Blossom
Graphic Spiral


Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire (UK) Graham Peel founded Chantry Architects based on his passion for innovative design combined with a practical approach - experience that showcases a portfolio spanning schools and commercial structures, bespoke houses, renovations and extensions. (2016-present)


Operating since the 1970's, Castlefields has continued to deliver peerless property management services to its customers in and around London. (2013-present)

Streets of London
White Waves


In 2015 an idea was born. An idea that decentralised communities could be used for governing models around the world with a new way to self-express, shared ownership and shared interests. That idea has since grown into a successful global platform for communities. 2022 saw the launch of a citizenry platform and a DAO platform not only to engage the communities but also to democratise the information and the future of collaboration. (2021-present)

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